Now more than ever, businesses need to focus on safeguarding their IT assets. Achieving robust protection means having the right security solutions in place, that work together to support your business.


Partnering with SCCS means you'll get the full benefits of a security strategy based on four key pillars:

1. Compliance: Technical Advisory

Our Security Compliance & Technology Consulting Advisory Service provides access to deep security expertise embedded as part of your team, to provide reviews of the current state, scheduled security tasks, and as a trusted advisor when the latest global security scare occurs.

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- Trusted Advisor - Compliance & Technology
  • Providing a trusted advisor across people, process & technology
  • Providing advice on newly emerging threats, and methods to contain and respond to security risks
  • Developing IT and cloud security policies and managing IT and cloud security compliance assessments
- Security Analysis & Reviews
  • Quarterly review of all firewall rules, ensuring a regular over-arching view of the rules for conflicting, redundant
- Penetration Testing Analysis & Reviews
  • A review of pen testing reports to assist Sensis in understanding where to focus efforts and what the most critical risks to the business are
- Vulnerability Scanning
  • Regular scanning of business-critical or high-risk systems to ensure vulnerabilities are recognised early, and risk response decisions made quickly
  • The service can use existing vulnerability scanning tools, or we can implement our own
- Assessment of Global Threats & Announcements
  • New global announcements regarding security flaws or vulnerabilities occur on a frequent basis, e.g. Spectre, WannCry, Petya
  • The Technical Advisory Service provides expertise to assist in identifying the appropriate response to these announcements

2. Security Incident & Event Management

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) service provides an end-to-end managed service, with 24x7 Alerting & Monitoring, Management & Response by our security experts to identify and halt threats in their infancy.

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- 24x7 Eyes on Systems
  • Our Cybersecurity and SIEM is a sophisticated security service designated to detect security breaches within your internal network.
  • We provide round-the-clock monitoring and management by trained professionals, who will rapidly deal with any threats
- Incident Response
  • Alerting and monitoring is a key element of the service, which can be provided 24x7
  • When alarms are raised, we provide advice on how to best deal with the issue
  • Where we also manage the firewalls, immediate action can also be taken to block the activity resulting in high-risk alarms
- Tuning & Maintenance
  • After the initial deployment, we conduct a detailed review of the alarms being raised, and an assessment of whether they are being raised at the appropriate risk levels to ensure the focus is on critical events rather than normal events
  • This tuning continues on a regular basis, to ensure value is being delivered by the SIEM system

3. Managed Firewall

Our firewall management services have a 20-year pedigree of expertise. The service is built-on our proprietary firewall utilising services from globally recognised OEM vendors, and has been extended to deliver the same level of service on Pala Alto systems.

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- Managed Service

Business Hours & After Hours Device Management

  • Monitored 24x7
  • Maintained through real-time updates and scheduled patching
  • Reporting provided via email and/or reporting portal access
  • Moves, adds and changes for access policies and rule changes
  • Security Operations Centre 100% based in Australia
- Firewall Services
  • The services are much more than just firewall blocking and include:
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Mail filtering
    • Web proxying and filtering
    • Reverse proxy for 2FA on any web application (without code changes to the application)
    • Reporting portal
  • A similar set of services can be provided on Palo Alto systems, with the capability of TRAPS endpoint services as a managed service. TRAPS can be particularly effective in protecting key endpoints from risks such as ransomware


4. Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing can be provided through a separate service from the firewall and SIEM managed services to ensure an effective Chinese Wall between the team managing your security and the team testing the security.

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- Scoping
  • Initial discussion to understand the objectives of the penetration testing, and to agree on the scope, timing and frequency
- Testing
Three levels available:
  1. Internal/External Security Audit for general security posture
  2. Application-Specific Testing for compliance and risk
  3. Red Team Exercise for comprehensive testing of all security controls, including social, physical and digital
- Reporting
  • As part of these services, a report is provided with findings and recommendations. Our Professional Services can then leverage these findings to help develop a more comprehensive security posture, such as; framework development, security awareness training, and incident response plans



Our entire organisation is committed to delivering the very best end user services, and we recognise and value our partnerships. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and you should expect nothing less than the very best possible service everytime you deal with the SCCS team.