Now more than ever, the cloud is critical for innovation and growth

Even before Covid-19 hit, organisations across all industries were recognising that the cloud was the place to be, and now that we must deal with the challenges of a global pandemic, cloud uptake has accelerated.

Most organisations have adopted a cloud strategy but few are reaping the rewards they were hoping for. For companies with complex IT and legacy systems this means there’s a lot to work through to see cloud solution thriving.

Recent research indicates that 80% of business executives look to the cloud as a means of mitigating uncertainty, while 87% view it as a critical component for achieving sustainability goals to a moderate or great degree.

The momentum around cloud adoption is growing, but hardly any of the enterprises that have adopted it are true 'Cloud Champions' - the ones that are really getting the most out of their cloud investment and harnessing the technology to reinvent their businesses.

Does this sound familiar? And if so, what can you do to achieve the results you were hoping for when you initially invested in the cloud? How can you leverage its flexibility, agility and opportunities to innovate and grow - and see a positive ROI?

Maximise the migration to cloud

This is about being bold enough to migrate more of your enterprise workloads into the cloud, and not just stop at the easy ones. Migration is a crucial first step in maximising the power of the cloud, but it's important to remember that it doesn't happen all at once. The most successful migrations and cloud optimisations are incremental processes based on strategic value, complexity and risk.

Choose the right cloud migration partner

Though an internal IT team can handle cloud optimisation, it’s been proven that engaging an expert cloud provider can make a huge difference. It doesn't mean you have to hand off all responsibility for managing your IT environment; it's a team effort. A Managed Service Provider have dedicated specialists tasked with getting the most value out of cloud and will work closely with your IT team to get better results, faster.

Move with the times

Your applications, infrastructure and architecture all need to be modernised if they're going to capture the long-term value of the cloud. You need to start looking at ways to build apps specifically to maximise the value of cloud technology both now and in the future

Optimise your IT

Your cloud partner will help you find ways for your operating systems to become more dynamic, making greater use of automation and developing new skillsets. A Managed Service Provider will also make sure you have good uptime and the right networking setup so that day to day performance is optimised.

Innovate with your head in the cloud

This is perhaps one of the most significant barriers to realising the full potential of cloud technology - even though an organisation has invested in it, they're not viewing it as a primary enabler of business reinvention. The cloud has everything you need to innovate, while also allowing you to analyse your data on a larger scale and benefit from rapidly generated insights.

To help you gain a better understanding of cloud potential - and specifically, if you're underperforming on your cloud goals or wasting money - we've developed a new white paper aimed at helping you determine if you're getting the most out of your cloud investment. The white paper takes a close look at:

  • Why businesses are struggling to achieve their goals with cloud
  • The top barriers to fully achieving the promise of cloud
  • The right ways to 'do' cloud migration and optimisation
  • Why you need to work with experts to get the most value
  • The top benefits of leveraging managed cloud services
  • The five questions you need to ask yourself to help you decide whether your cloud is as optimised as it can be

If you've come to the conclusion that you're not, in fact, making the most of what the cloud has to offer, then it's time to change your thinking. It's a mind shift - one that starts with the acknowledgment that business reinvention, innovation and growth is achieved by leveraging the cloud as a new foundation for your organisation.

Download the white paper


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