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The most pressing threats to identity and security, escalated by a digital world.

The world today – while better connected and bursting with opportunity – is full of dark menaces, from phishing scams to full-fledged identity theft. In partnership with HP we bring you a guide that looks at the top seven threats, and offers advice around the printable defence tactics you can offer.

This eBook covers:

  • The Dark Web - what is it? How does it work and what role does it play in the illegal underworld?
  • Counterfeit Consumer Goods - this is a crime similar to identity theft. What risk does it pose to your brand?
  • Brand Piracy - a look at the four ways these 'pirates' can take your brand captive.
  • Gray Market Diversion - are your products being discounted illegally? This tactic is costing manufacturers billions of dollars a year.
  • Identity Theft - it's not just your brand and assets these thieves are after - they want to steal your identity too, and use it for illegal purposes.
  • Activist Attacks - they've got a cause, and if your company happens to be on the wrong side of their issues, they'll do everything they can to damage your image.
  • The E-Commerce Effect - in many ways, online purchasing is a great innovation, but it does have its downside - it's a place where all of the above can happen.

The eBook takes a deep dive into all these issues and offers some food for thought on how to keep your organisation safe and secure.

top 7 threats

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