We’re better connected, but there’s a downside to digital

As digital transformation escalates, so do the threats to identity and security

Anyone who's seen Mr Robot will know about the Dark Web, and the lengths that extremely bright criminals will go to cause disruption and carry out illegal activity. Those who dwell in this seamy Internet underworld are taking advantage of the rising trend of digital transformation to threaten identity and security.

Organisations across all sectors face the challenge of counterfeiting, misappropriated use, and outright theft. An estimated half a billion dollars in worldwide losses are incurred each year, and this number rises to trillions when you include public safety damages. Not only that, but COVID-19 has led to an increase in the quantity of counterfeited products in many parts of the world, due to restrictions in global trade.

"Counterfeit trade takes away revenues from firms and governments and feeds other criminal activities. It can also jeopardise consumers’ health and safety," says OECD public governance director Marcos Bonturi.

Global imports of fake goods were valued at 509 billion USD last year, up from 461 billion USD in the prior year and accounting for 2.5 percent of global trade. This can lead to an erosion of consumer trust; if people know that a product has been faked, they're less likely to purchase the original since it's now associated with counterfeiting.

As these criminals become more sophisticated in their schemes, so too must our counter-tactics. At the heart of a robust defense is understanding what threats exist, and how they can impact on your business. It's with that in mind that, in collaboration with our partner HP, we've developed a new eBook that provides an overview of the most pressing threats to identity and security, escalated by a digital world.

The Top 7 Threats to Authenticity also outlines how anti-counterfeiting and security printing technologies can help any print and packaging supplier protect its customers from hidden risks. It's about removing the mask of hidden dangers, taking back control, and recovering revenue.

To help your business safeguard identity and ensure product authenticity, the eBook outlines these top seven threats:

  1. The Dark Web - what is it? How does it work and what role does it play in the illegal underworld?
  2. Counterfeit Consumer Goods - this is a crime similar to identity theft. What risk does it pose to your brand?
  3. Brand Piracy - a look at the four ways these 'pirates' can take your brand captive.
  4. Gray Market Diversion - are your products being discounted illegally? This tactic is costing manufacturers billions of dollars a year.
  5. Identity Theft - it's not just your brand and assets these thieves are after - they want to steal your identity too, and use it for illegal purposes.
  6. Activist Attacks - they've got a cause, and if your company happens to be on the wrong side of their issues, they'll do everything they can to damage your image.
  7. The E-Commerce Effect - in many ways, online purchasing is a great innovation, but it does have its downside - it's a place where all of the above can take place.

For each of these threats, we also offer methods of countering them. By frequently innovating and changing security features, you can leverage a diverse range of security solutions that help you stay ahead of threats to product legitimacy. Digital print provides the versatility, performance and agility you need for creating variable data, serialisation, and multilayer security features - all in one production process - so you can protect product authenticity and your brand identity at every step.

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